Terms of Payment

We accept Paypal and Bank Wire.


For payment via Paypal, please use this receiver:


Fees for using that payment method are about 3, 9% and will be charged.


Use our bankingconnection for Bank Wire:

Fees for money transfer by your own bank are to be paid by yourself.


We accept HKD, USD, EURO and English Pound.


Terms of Shipment

We send insured packages by DHL EXPRESS. Our MOQ is about $200 (excluding back orders). All invoices about $700.00 receives FREE SHIPPING.

For all order amounts below $700 the cart is calculating the costs automatically.


Customs, fees and taxes:

The customs handling will be processed by the deliverer. The transport company will handle all custom formalities for your shipment. Mandatory for the import and to identify your business during the payment of duties is your Import Number (Economic Operators´ Registration and Identification number). You have to apply it once at your local customs department or online on the customs website.

The costs of deliverer handling will be charged by the transport company separately. You will pay taxes, fees, duties and formalities. This depends on your local taxes and tributes determinations, in which the Import VAT is equal to the usual tax and will be discharged through your local tax office. To calculate the payment of duty, please talk to your customs department and ask also for other local specifications you may have to meet for import. As customs rules in various countries can frequently change, this can cause delays, and at times additional charges imposed by the receiving country. If you refuse a package at the customs office, and it is returned to us, we will not refund the cost of shipping the package to you.


When will my order be shipped?

We usually ship all orders within 3-5 days after receiving payment. You will get an email information for shipping and an tracking no. All the orders will be shipped from production in China. If you ordered items we have not stock, we will contact you for taking some alternatives or waiting until your complete order will be finished. Partial shipment is also possible. If you choose that way, your back order items will be send out postage free with your next order. Items we have no stock needs regularly 1-3 weeks for producing.

Your order will be packed in labeled and barcoded bags with SKU number, specification, and quantity with bubble wrapped to ensure maximum security.


How long is the shipment time?

The time depends on which place you are. Further, please take care that there are no complications at your local customs department to avoid delays during the customs clearance.