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We sincerely welcome you in our Factory-Wholesale-Online-Shop for Fashion and Body Jewelry. You will expect a huge and innovative selection of Body Piercing and Stainless Steel

Fashion Jewelry. *Prices released after registration!

Our broad assortment, our innovative drive, high quality standards, best price guarantees and our well-rounded customer service package will inspire you!

You will get Basics for First Insert in Body Piercing, reseller Jewelry in exciting variety, classics in Fashion and worldwide innovative news in product design and engineering.

Our international creative’s are always working at news, impressed by trends from all over the world and special highlights to bring up regularly innovations into Fashion and Body


We are able to offer you special item selections in expressive, eye-catching designs, special crystal settings and smooth surfaces for a high-end wearing comfort.

Our big material choice of certified Titanium G23 and Surgical Steel 316L, Acrylic, Epoxy and more meets all international standards.

You have your personal concept? Please feel free to contact us for creating your own ideas!